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A cross-functional expertise in Public business law

HK legal offers a premium legal contribution in public business law, public procurement, environmental law and energy law. It assists public entities and private operators in the development and implementation of their major projects (infrastructure, energy transition, industry or real estate).

The first founding partner, François K’Jan, has an extensive expertise in public law and procurement. His core business is to support public actors in managing and optimising their relations with the economic sphere.

The second founding partner, Louis-Narito Harada, is a recognized specialist in environmental law and has extensive experience in energy transition and planning law.

In 2021, after fifteen years of practice in leading French and international law firms, as far as Narito is concerned, and with lawyers at the Conseil d’Etat and then with LKA Avocats, as far as François is concerned, they combine their know-how and their respective teams to found the firm HK legal.

In a human-sized firm, their ambition is to deliver operational and efficient legal advice to secure and develop their clients’ projects.

In this respect, they have a strong litigation expertise, which is crucial to their role as legal counsel. Both as plaintiffs and defendants, the firm has a proven track record in all administrative litigation and related strategies. In their areas of expertise, our lawyers also act before civil and criminal courts.

They work in French and English.

The lawyers at HK legal use their knowledge and experience to serve clients in various sectors.

The business of our clients and how we contribute

Public Action and Procurement

In the field of public procurement, we work alongside institutional players and advise buyers and in house legal counsels in the context of the award and performance of public procurement contracts, whether they are administrative or private law contracts. We assist on public works, supply and service contracts (including facility management) and public service concessions. More generally, we master the instruments of public action. In this respect, we contribute to the development of synergies between public and private entities or between public entities in various sectors, by proposing appropriate legal tools (“Société publique locale”, Joint Venture, “public-public” cooperation, etc.) and by understanding all the associated issues (regulatory, institutional, human resources, data protection, intellectual protection, etc.). We also work on the optimisation and development of public assets (“Autorisation d’Occupation Temporaire”, Convention d’Occupation Temporaire”, “Bail Emphythéotique”, etc.), particularly during the design and implementation of public tenders.

avocat marchés et travaux publics

Public works and Civil Engineering


We are involved in the implementation of major public projects, in particular the construction of road, airport and port infrastructures and telecommunications networks. In this context, we are perfectly suited to accompany all major projects, from their design to the final warranty claim, while integrating all environmental obligations.
Among other things, we carry out all the legal tasks associated with project management assignments, in particular risk mapping (risk matrix and contract management), the implementation of a fair balance in the conception of the tender documentation, the efficient conclusion of contracts and all related disputes, as well as the management of all the execution issues encountered (claims, amendments, acceptance, settlement, GPA, etc.).

Environment and industrial projects

We assist industrial operators in obtaining or defending their administrative permits, in the relationship with the administrative authorities, in the development or termination of industrial activities. We also act in transactional matters, sometimes in support of international law firms or notaries, to specifically address environmental risks. Our expertise covers the main areas of environmental law: ICPE, polluted sites and soils and “environmental substitution”, waste, water, protected areas and species, ecological compensation, public inquiries and impact studies, health and safety, crisis management and strategic litigation. In the waste sector, our expertise in public contracts is also very useful.

avocat marchés et travaux publics

Energy Transition

We support developers and sponsors in the energy transition sector (wind, solar, biogas, energy efficiency and Energy Saving Certificates CEE, carbon reporting and greenhouse gas quotas) by leveraging our practice of environmental law, a thorough knowledge of the economic sectors and energy regulations. We intervene to secure administrative authorizations, various project contracts (EPC, corporate PPAs, etc.) and acquisitions of renewable energy portfolios. We also advise industrial and real estate players on energy transition.

Large and small water cycles

We assist public actors in the organisation and implementation of competences around water, sanitation and aquatic environment management and flood prevention, as well as storm water management. In this context, in addition to our perfect knowledge of water law, we are able to offer cross-disciplinary expertise with all the legal skills to be mobilised: leasing or concessions, service provision or implementation contracts, regulatory aspects, inter-municipality and transfer of competences, civil service and environmental law. We constantly monitor regulatory developments in conjunction with our technical partners in these sectors.

avocat marchés et travaux publics

Food, Health & Safety and Product compliance

We work alongside institutional actors involved in the development of sustainable production and food models, in the protection of human health, in risk prevention and analysis. We have developed a specific expertise in the treatment of technical and scientific disputes, associated with their skills, in order to have a complete measure of the risks and opportunities associated with decision-making. We assist them in particular in the adoption of decisions to market products (refusal, conditional acceptance) based on scientific analyses and all decisions relating to food and public health.
On the private side, insofar as this does not imply any interference with the institutional players we represent (see our values), we also assist distributors before the marketing of their products on regulatory and HSE compliance issues, and in connection with environmental allegations.

Real estate, retail and planning law

The development of real estate, commercial, industrial or energy projects often requires a number of authorisations, including a planning authorisation. We assist our clients, developers and project owners, with legal feasibility studies for operations, due diligence of permit applications and administrative litigation related to permits. We also have considerable expertise in the retail planning sector.

Our values

A service with high added value

Mindful of the needs of our clients, we provide a tailored advice. Beyond the law, we like to understand the technical, economic and strategic issues attached to the matters we are entrusted with. We offer solutions that secure the legal aspects of public and private projects without slowing them down, offering operators a clear and vigilant view of the risks involved by the project.

A client-centered advice

The services offered by the firm are characterized by their precision and concision. We strive to provide the greatest possible clarity of expression and reasoning and to systematically synthesize our work, as close as possible to our clients’ expectations.
The advice we offer is accessible and operational. For public entities, the legal notes are regularly accompanied by a draft act aimed at implementing the recommended solution.

A partnership practice

Our firm is deliberately dedicated to a “niche” area : public business law, environment and energy law.  We are able to offer more global legal support in liaising with other trusted colleagues with complementary expertise in various fields (real estate, project financing, M&A, insurance, labor law, etc.). We have also built a reliable network of engineering, environmental and energy consulting firms in France and abroad.


Availability and reactivity

In order to meet our client’s expectations, we are committed to reacting quickly to their requests and are able to intervene in an emergency mode, at their request, or when the situation requires it.

Ethics and prevention of conflicts of interest

We attach particular importance to the prevention of conflicts of interest between our clients, whether they belong to the public or private sectors. In all circumstances, our lawyers guarantee their independence and the strict respect of professional confidentiality.

Our Social and Environmental Responsibility

We are aware of the climate emergency and adapt our way of life and work: cycling or using other sustainable ways to commute, video-conferencing, sorting wastes and saving energy are basics of our daily lives. We ban all forms of discrimination and help law students to thrive as we welcome them as trainees.

Our team

François K’JAN

Partner, founder of HK legal

Louis-Narito HARADA

Partner, founder of HK legal



Antoine LEPARC


Gaspard TERRAY






Jessica Van Engeland

Office manager

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